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West Kootenay Purple God from JVCC. A Budtenders Review.

As soon as we saw West Kootenay in the title we were excited. Joint Venture has been doing an amazing job at signing legacy growers to the legal market and this was a very unexpected release for us. We are quite familiar with this LP from the legacy market.

This Purple God is a 7g format, and the strain itself is usually God x Hawaiian x Purple Skunk, but we couldn't verify their specific cultivars on this one.

Tested with an Arizer Air 2 dry herb vape and rolled joint.

When opening the can you are greeted quite wonderfully with a pungent, floral and sweet aroma and large dark purple nugs. One of the Budtenders had a single 7g bud that he couldn't even get out of the can itself. In the vape it's slightly dank but the floral takes over and makes for a fantastic session. A little harsh and would actually recommend smoking this as a joint or in a bong.


Flower quality is where it should be. Not dry and bounces back easily when squeezed. Large to giant bud that we aren't really sure how they fit in the cans. Amazing.


Packaging is old school with a tuna can. The seal makes the nice "popping" sound when broken which always puts a smile on our faces.


Value: We saw in the provinces further East that this was going for $80/7g. Fortunately for us this is only $38/7g and we couldn't believe what we received for the price. By far the best price for the quality in this size and beats anything by other budget LP's hands down.


Overall: 17/20 with everything taken into consideration. At this price point you really can't go wrong, and this is the perfect example that chasing high THC numbers mean very little. We hope this trend dies off because there are so many great strains under 20% that smoke like a 24%. Save the terps!

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