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Review: Cake & Caviar - Black Pearl

Black Pearl is an homage to its parent strain Caviar. This one of a kind cultivar brings those classic pungent kush characteristics of earth and gas. These flowers are packed with trichomes and boast a dank and savoury profile, with heavy, head to toe effects. We doubled down on the dankness of Caviar to bring you a strain as unique as a black pearl itself.

Packaging: 5/5 Glass jar with a humidity pack. Amazing seal.

Bud visual appeal: 5/5 Caked in trichomes. Colorful. Well manicured.

Bud size: 5/5 This plant doesn't produce giant nugs so there is no complaint on size

Bud density: 5/5 Dense. The bud is spongy and bounces back quite nicely.

Moisture level: 5/5 Perfect

Aroma: 5/5 Very unique. Spicy and possibly lemon?

Aroma strength/power: 5/5 Yes. A million times yes.

Taste: 5/5 Very spicy, but in a pleasant way. Not overpowering

Smoothness: 4/5 The caryophyllene really takes over on the inhale. Found it a bit harsh on the throat but really nothing over the top. Very nice.

Potency: 5/5 A bit of a creeper. I was thinking "so now what" and then it hit like a freight train.

49/50 The whole team over at Habitat have been doing such a great job the last 6 months. They are focusing on BC and the quality has sky-rocketed. The terps that are produced from these strains has been some of the most intense I've ever come across in the last 25 years (OMG I'm old) They are really getting the process down and the rooms dialed in more and more. I'm quite excited to see what comes out of their facility this year.

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