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Review: BC Green - Watermelon Gushers 3.5g

No info on their website. When I reached out to them they did respond regarding their grow: "We grow in small batch rooms. We feed our plants through drip irrigation and all our nutrient mixes are custom made and created on site. We focus solely on craft growing and harvesting every week."

Packaging: 5/5 Glass jar with a humidity pack.

Bud visual appeal: 4/5 A large nug and a couple smalls. Pretty caked in trichomes

Bud size: 5/5 I definitely can't complain about the large or small nugs

Bud density: 5/5 Spongy and dense

Moisture level: 5/5 The Boveda was starting to crystalize so it seems to have been working hard

Aroma: 1/5 Muted. Reminds me a lot of outdoor. I can't pick up anything off this really

Aroma strength/power: 1/5 Non-existent

Taste: 1/5 Honestly just tastes like "weed". Nothing stands out.

Smoothness: 5/5

Potency: 5/5 Hits hard. Very much up in the head like a sativa and heavy behind the eyes.


I expect more from a claim of 2% terps at this price point. Yes, it's a heavy hitter but it lacks in every other aspect that I want in flower. No real aroma and no flavor to it. I would be happy at a $27 tag or lower. I definitely enjoyed this more in PR form and the fact it was packaged in December and the Boveda is already crystalizing says a lot.

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