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WEST Kootenay: hawaiian hammer

A potent cross of Purple God and 9 Pound Hammer, this Indica leaning phenotype boasts of beautiful purple hues and frosty trichome covered dense flowers. Grown with the utmost care in BC's Kootenay Region, this craft offering was grown with the attentiveness that only a truly experienced cultivator can provide. -Source

Packaging: 5/5 nitro tin

Bud visual appeal: 4/5 Dark purple and green.

Bud size: 4/5 Some decent sized nugs and a couple smaller ones

Bud density: 4/5 loose and spongy.

Moisture level: 3/5

Aroma: 2/5 Not much of a nose on this

Aroma strength/power: 2/5 Too subtle. I had higher expectations with its lineage

Taste: 2/5 Mild.

Smoothness: 5/5

Potency: 2/5 Very mild. Very subtle.

33/50 For me personally the terps aren't my thing, but the budtenders working who tried this absolutely loved it. The price is definitely right. Definitely worth trying.

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