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Vape Use and Care - Pro Tips

(For 510 thread set up)

  • Make sure the connection points of the cartridge and battery are free from dirt and debris.

  • Make sure the cart and battery are fully connected.

  • Don’t overcharge your battery! Leaving your battery plugged in after it is finished charging will reduce the amount of charge your battery can hold.

  • Avoid leaving your vape in extreme temperatures for long periods, too much heat or sunlight can degrade your product and overheat your battery.

  • Don’t “chain-vape”, this can overheat the battery reducing its lifespan.

  • Try to keep your cartridges upright, this helps prevent any possible leakage or clogging.

Another thing to note: Different cartridges/concentrates will function best at different temperatures; Variable temp batteries with a preheat function are great for unclogging carts and getting every drop out of them!

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