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Miss Kim by organnicraft -Review

The stats:

3.5g - $41.50

7g Smalls- $63.50

2x0.75g Pre-rolls (Coming Soon)

21.94% THC

4.58% Total Terpenes

Dominant Terpenes: Terpinolene, Ocimene, and Myrcene

What they Say - When you first crack the bag, heavy floral notes followed by citrus zest and a long-lasting stench of fuel fill the room and overcome any other smell within the space. On the tongue, flavours of floral, citrus, and pine from the high volumes of Terpinolene, while Limonene and, Caryophyllene from Cherry Cheese Cake finish off with sweetness with a slight cheesy undertone. (

My Review:

Body High: 3.5/5 Overall: 4+/5

Head High: 4.5/5

Taste: 4.5/5

This tasty sativa dominant hybrid strain is a cross of Lilac Diesel and Cherry Cheesecake, the with thick creamy smoke that is true to scent.

With a fast onset head high, and solid body buzz this is a quality potent smoke even for frequent users. The buds are gorgeous, and the bag is packed with all the information that informed craft consumers are after.

The only drawback to this amazing offering is the craft price tag, but while this may not be your day to day smoke at that price point, it is 100% worth the splurge for a treat.

Not sure if you want an eighth? The 2x0.75g pre-roll pack is priced the same as most of our pre-rolls so they are the perfect way to try out the strain!

Come see us at DTC or SAC, your only Organnicraft retailers in Salmon Arm!

More offerings from Organnicraft: Regulate 3.5g, Platinum Grapes 2x0.75 Pre-rolls

- Ariel, your friendly neighborhood Budtender

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