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Earthwolf farms: venom og live rosin

This cultivar is a gassy masterpiece from Humboldt Seed Company with the rosin packing an impressive 8-12% terpenes dominated by Cedrene, Caryophyllene, and D-limonene. This live rosin was made using organically grown fresh frozen flowers, processed by ice water extraction, and gently pressed with heat and pressure using only 73-120u trichomes.

Packaging: Glass jar with awkward locking lid inside a Mylar bag. I don't like the lid.

Aroma: Not a lot of nose on this from the jar itself. Pretty mild.

Texture: Like a soft butter. Absolutely beautiful. Easy to work with.

Flavor: Outstanding. Gassy, floral and sweet. One of the better concentrates on the legal market.

Value: A live Rosin for under $50 before tax. The best value by about $10 comparatively.

Overall: Fantastic product from a legacy brand. Exceeded my expectations.


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