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How to make Cannabis Infused Butter and Oil

Updated: Jun 19, 2021

Decarboxylation and infusion (oven method)

To keep it simple, Cannabis produces a natural acid called THC-a and CBD-a. To access the THC and CBD effects, Cannabis needs to be brought to a temperature of 220f (240f for CBD). (Yes, this will produce an aroma. The mason jar is a method to try and minimize this if you are concerned.)

This is my personal method that works best for me. It’s straight forward and easy to figure out.

What you’ll need:

· 7g or more of un-milled cannabis (recommended: 14 – 28g)

· baking sheet

· parchment paper

· mason jar (optional)

· one 454g brick unsalted butter

· cheese cloth or fine metal strainer

PRE-HEAT TO 220/225F

• Take your parchment paper and crumple it into a small ball, then spread it out on the baking sheet with little “hills”. This will prevent the Cannabis from burning against the hot metal.

• Spread Cannabis on baking sheet (If using the jar, see next column).

• Place in oven for apx 40 minutes. (10 minutes longer for CBD).


• Instead of spreading on the baking sheet, place the Cannabis loosely in the jar, and put the lid so it’s just barely on.

• Place jar on the baking sheet.

• Place in oven for apx 40 minutes (10 minutes longer for CBD).

• This can help reduce the aroma.


• While the Cannabis is in the oven, grab an oven safe dish that will be large enough for both the Cannabis and butter.

• Cut butter into chunks or strips and place in your oven safe dish.

• When the Cannabis is finished, crumble and pour on top of the butter and cover.

• Lower temp to apx 185f and once ready, place in the oven for apx 2 hours.

• Pull your concoction out of the oven.

• Carefully strain the butter through your cheese cloth or strainer into an appropriate butter dish.

• Let cool and place into portions, or into the refrigerator/freezer.

• For cooking oil, replace the butter with desired oil.

Dosing and Strength


Starting amount of grams = 15g THC percentage per gram = 22% (revert to decimal) Milligrams per gram .220 mg per gram Amount of grams X milligrams (15 X 220) = 3,300mg THC-a THC-a X .88 (Decarb) = 2,904mg THC THC X .80 (For Loss) = Total

It’s easier than it looks J

Starting amount of grams = _____g THC percentage per gram = _____% (revert to decimal) Milligrams per gram _____mg per gram Amount of grams X milligrams = _____THC-a THC-a X .88 (Decarb) = _____THC THC X .80 (For Loss) = Total _____mg

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