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Planting germinated seeds

In this section we will explain how to plant your new tap-rooted seedlings, maintain and

transplant into their final pot

Once your seeds have germinated, you’ll want to plant them in a small container. A solo cup or small pot around the same size works perfectly.

If using the solo cup method, be sure to cut plenty of holes in the bottom of the cup first so water can drain out the bottom.

Add your potting mix to the solo cup. Dig a small hole about 1-2 inches deep and place your germinated seed root down into the hole. Lightly cover with soil, add a small amount of water and it should sprout within a couple of days


Budtender/Grower Tips

Covering your seedlings and container with a clear plastic bag, or a dome will help with keeping up the necessary high humidity that seedlings strive on Seedlings do not require much maintenance or watering. Spraying the surface and the inside of the bag/dome is all they really require

Your seedlings should take off in a day or two. It happens fast!

You don’t need to worry about nutrients, watering or much lighting at this stage


Allow the leaves to grow to the edges of the solo cup/pot. Once their leaves have reached the edges of the solo cup, it’s time to transplant to a larger container

We recommend transferring straight into their final resting place, as it cuts down on unneeded stress for the plants

Transplanting to a larger container at this stage will prevent your seedling roots from becoming “rootbound”. This means the roots wrap themselves around the container completely and cut themselves off from taking up nutrients and water properly, and they end up starving

Transplanting photoperiod seedlings too early won’t allow them to develop a healthy root zone and they can fall over and die


Transfer the seedlings into a new container by digging a hole the size of your starting cup/pot

Turn your seedling container upside down and gently remove the entire contents

Place into your pre-dug hole and lightly cover with soil

Add a small amount of water

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